Monday, 1 March 2010

Let us, therefore, live but one day at a time

I am going to fill my brain with lots of knowledge today. I have the films Tetsuo and Tetsuo II to watch. I'm going to have my notepad at the ready, and study more on Japanese history in the 90's so I can fully apply it to my question on National Allegory.

I am going to learn new things and take my camera out with me tonight I think. I'm going to go to the launderettes to continue my project and record the sounds of the washing machines as they spin around and around. Take pictures inside the bowl and of all the knobs and buttons and take pictures of myself sitting inside them, that’s if I can fit...

I think I'll take pictures of the streets too, what the launderette looks like from the outside and the streets that surround it .

I love that scene from 40 days and 40 nights where they spend their time getting to know each other inside and outside the Launderettes. The scene where Shannyn Sossamon's character dances around with her huge headphones on.

Even in Fight Club the scene where Marla Singer steals jeans from the launderettes and argues with 'the Narrator' I just want to be transported there and I cannot explain why.

There's something so fascinating to me about the streets a night. I feel like I might venture into London and find myself a coffee shop and walk around London looking for interesting shots. I guess this is why I love London so much, so much vibrancy at night, but yet I can come across the darkest eeriest places and I cant help but fall in love with them. The dripping pipes, the long staircases up to flats, the lampposts towering above me the lights inside flickering on and off, that greeny yellow gradient to the night. Sometimes it appears blue with the moon shining down on me.

Last night I walked home from the bus stop around the back roads, and I looked above me and the moon looked so brilliantly white. The light poured through the thick clouds. I felt at peace and looked around me I could of stayed there for hours, and all I wished is that I could have someone with me at that moment to share it with.

I'm going to grab some toast now and hopefully my camera will be charged. I'm excited!

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