Sunday, 18 April 2010


I need to get to work, need to get out of my house. I can't wait to take more pictures like these, can't wait for a sunset later I want some big clouds and lots of pinks and yellow and oranges. mmm.
Woke up to find a text I never would of expected. It's sent me a little bit insane, but wasn't I already?
I can't believe how early it is, I was so bored I reactivated my Facebook, I'm sure it will be gone by this evening again. I have so much coursework to be getting on with. All my deadlines are for next month. A month could be said to be plenty of time. Not for me, I'm a daydreamer, therefore setting the simplest of tasks is affected by my inability to concentrate on the real life, I will switch off and go tumbling into dream world filled with the craziest of thoughts.

I'm looking forward to sitting on the bus on the way to work, reading the rest of my book and letting the sun warm up my face.
Then I have the exciting task of all my work duties then homeward bound at 5, maybe I'll take some photographs or maybe I'll watch some of the many films I rented from university. Oh the choices...

Listening to: Snow - Emiliana Torrini

Check that out! something I can only dream to achieve later this evening...

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