Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I cannot concentrate for the life of me. I have food in my belly and I've slept a sufficient amount, yet I'm staring blankly at my essay that isn't going to write itself. My hands are covered in ink from scribbles and notes. The definitive gold box edition of Twin Peaks is staring at me, so is that bottle of becks, so either way I'm not winning.

I cannot help but succumb to my cravings.

I'm going to have to put on some Bonobo, drift into the world of psychoanalysis and feminist film theory and just try to to get at least 1000 words done tonight.

Taken in my room of my messy desk space.
Ps. yes I do realize I use a Harry Potter pirated DVD case as a mouse mat. Well I wasn't exactly going to watch it was I?

Listening to: Bonobo- Shadowtricks

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  1. Chuck Palahniuk is a god.
    Diary was ace =] I think Invisible Monsters may be my favourite of his that I've read so far. I'm leaving Haunted for after exams I think.