Monday, 19 July 2010

Happy Birthday Sam!

It's a bit late I know, your birthday was the 16th, but everything I kept taking pictures of didn't seem right. I wanted to do something you'd actually like. But you probably won't like this much either!
I know you take pictures of pure moments, ordinary life that becomes something special at the touch of a button because you notice the little pleasures in life . The post-it note above has been next to my computer stuck on my wall for god knows how long, and every day it reminds me to be happy, when I'm feeling low or I feel like life's too hard. I just look at that little post-it...
I stuck on a note for you too, to wish you a happy birthday Sam and to be happy :)

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Much love to you Sam x

1 comment:

  1. that is so so so so so lovley :))))))
    its awesome, thankyou so much!
    i cant wait to see you soon love.
    Take care