Sunday, 3 October 2010


listen close and dont be stoned
i'll be here in the morning
cause i'm just floating

got my cat lying on my bed, listening to Slowdive, contemplating what to do with my next few hours. I feel like playing Fallout3 for a while
Sorry about my lack of updating, I haven't taken any photographs since I went to Croatia. I think I've been basking in the homely feeling and sliding back into my dream like state. Began my third and final year of university last week, the course is blowing my mind so far. Beyond Science Fiction -the posthuman in cinema; it includes a whole lecture on the Alien series. It truly made me melt. I felt all fuzzy and warm at the mention of psychoanalysis and my beloved Alien.I also rented out a few films from university and a couple of readings from science fiction and horror books.
I've also been keeping in contact with Chrys, a friend from Canada who I met at Outlook Festival this year, he sent me some Willy Wonka Nerds (which you can no longer get in England) and a H R GIGER t-shirt from the Giger museum in Switzerland. I screamed when I opened the package. Best gift I've received in a long time. I'm also considering a Giger tattoo now...

Picture below is just how I've felt all week, that coming home sort of feeling, feeling secure...
Inset :Laura taking photos of us landing in Luton.

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