Thursday, 25 November 2010

-photos taken in Croatia in September at Outlook festival

Keep thinking about how much I cant wait for lectures to be over and coursework to be done. Thinking about my summer of nothing or possibly everything, saving up my dollar and escaping.

This weeks been yet another week of doing fuck all. I don't mind, I do it the best you see, but its sort of dis-hearting that once again I failed at pushing myself to get out the house and do something intelligent. I'm panicking about my final photography project as its just a complete mess in my brain, I'm not being inspired. I hate photography it just frustrates me as a medium, I can't get it right I'm never happy with the outcome. I prefer it if I can just read and analyse...this is where I see my future is at. Film historian. ahhhh I like these dreams.


Stoke on Sunday to see Alex, I'm excited to see him, even though he is a utter faggot.

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