Thursday, 11 November 2010

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Stressy, stressy, stressy! I've been trying to pile together my presentation and try and get some shots done before I have to act like I've been super busy, when instead I've been lurking.....derp

This is the only picture I was really pleased with from my day out; I managed to grab life by the balls and ask shopkeepers and homeless big issue sellers to don the mask and let me take photos. But in the hurried and uncomfortable state I was in, the photos tend to fail me. 

But it was great none the less because I spent it with Tom and this makes me so happy. We bought a Victoria sponge cake, which I had to be distracted from buying but I still nipped my way past that one. Returned home for tea and then proceeded to eat the cake, which I ate all of practically. mmmm cream.
I was shown the delights of Garry's Mod and Harry You're A Wizard for the hundredth time, still had me in fits.. Tom helping me for ages on Photoshop to correct the fact I am a spastic.
Then Spam ruined all our fun and made us listen to country and western songs. This displeased me.

The end

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