Friday, 28 January 2011


Tomorrow I leave for Stoke, I'm currently packing my bag and finding I have no room for my booties or my creepers or my docs or my nikes. But I mean how many pairs of shoes am I going to need for 4 days? Plenty as I am an indecisive madame.
I'm feeling really really guilty about the lack of work I have attempted. I'm sitting with a few photocopied texts hoping my mind will just focus,  alas I am a lazy bum and listening to new State of Mind - Next Level pod-cast and staring into space instead.
Found this cool little semi fish eye lens in my house today but doesn't fit any of my cameras. I think I own like 6 cameras now, not that I use them much. So searched for an adapter and found one really cheap, which always means it won't work/will break.
Ordered 'Looking for Alaska' as I have been recommended it for longer than I care to remember and ordered a few films I've been dying to see 

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