Monday, 28 February 2011

Cherry Waves

I finished Looking for Alaska on Thursday, I loved the book entirely I haven't been moved like that in a while, Alaska was such a free spirit, a beautiful human being and a delicious soul. She reminded me a little of myself, mainly her recklessness, moodiness and flirtatious mannerisms. I came away wanting to be a little like Miles and Alaska. I thank Sam and Tom for recommending it to me. 

This weekend was spent cooking some amazing food and ordering lots in. I had some scrummy Chinese take away and watched Big Bang Theory on Friday followed by me cooking a prawn and muscle chili linguine for Alex and I on Saturday with yummy take away falafel wraps after the pub. Then on Sunday I made some Moroccan chicken with couscous, tzatziki and salad in a wrap. Heh very proud of the cook I'm becoming, sadly I didn't take any photos...

I also got my tattoo done on Friday, most pain I've felt ever... it was just so nippy and made my toes curl. I adore it though and I get it's twin on my right leg next week.

Listening to: Deftones - Cherry Waves

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