Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Long time, no see

aha yes it has been a while, forgive me. I wont begin to tell you about the drag that is university life, soon it will be over... a month to be precise, then I will be out off and aywaaaayyyyyy. I wont really be going anywhere instead I'm hoping to stay and do a masters while tuition fees are slightly more reasonable than the ridiculous £9,000 they're asking for in 2012. I'm seeing Bonobo next week with Natalie, pretty excited. 
My university work is actually coming together, I feel more and more confident about it everyday and plus fact I feel it will give me a good mark because I tried something different and unusual, hopefully that will pay out.

I've also been bleaching and burning photographs today ( in the lovely warm sunny weather), still a lot of progress needed, but with a month to go I'm feeling more confident than ever. I took some more shots of veins and pale bodies along with a few nude shots, penis and all. Those will be bleached and burnt because I think they'll have really nice texture because of the colour. Anyway dissertation is a mess but at least the words are all there!

I actually think I can pull this off, however ask me in two weeks and see whether or not I'm freaking out!
veggie pizza time, I'm off 

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