Thursday, 7 July 2011

It was my birthday on Sunday. Sadly I have no pictures to commemorate this mess of an evening, but let me say this. It was fabulous, they were fabulous. I was a fabulous messy abusive drunk. 
On other news. I rarely have been outside since I finished my degree which I have graduated with a 2:1 (unbelievable). As my few readers know I'm a home person with the occasional rave and pub outing. I have been having fun though and wishing at many of these occasions my camera was handy; one instance would be when I visited Brighton for a sweet little getaway and the Tracy Emin exhibition which I found so inspiring and refuelled the feminist passion within me.

I exercise at least 3-4 times a week, I now have only 1 visible piercing on my face, I have black hair again and I now spend a lot of my time obsessing over the True Blood series. I really hope to be visiting again soon.

I've never been particularly good at dying my hair (taken 2 weeks ago, microdermal is gone too)

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