Monday, 29 March 2010


Yesterday I had work, I worked ridiculous hard and spent the last two hours reading about Ridley Scott's Alien Untitled Prequel...I am a huge lover of the first Alien, Aliens and Alien3. Let's not talk about Alien Resurrection

To me Alien (1979, US, Ridley Scott) is a masterpiece, It is one of the only films that is truly so compelling and ultimately... timeless.

Alien is my favourite film of all time, along with Fight Club. No words can really describe my infatuation with them both, they are the real reasons why I study Film and Film Analysis , they are my true loves; something that no one can take away from me really. They make me happy, very happy. This all seems obsessive but I'm enjoying getting keen about them, I always do. I sit for hours at the pub reciting quotes, describing scenes to my best friend Tom and listening to the soundtracks on long walks, sending links, looking at film boards and reading the psychoanalysis studies of them both in the university library .

So back to Alien the untitled prequel, I am nervous about this really. I have full faith in Ridley Scott, I trust him to do a good job on the look and feel of the film and hopefully he will use as little CGI as possible. But to go the the script... its the most troubling and worrying for me, trust me I am craving an alien film but its just to go back to the birth of the Alien to uncover the secrets is to ruin what was so haunting in the first place. I was completely docile to the sight of an Alien by the 4th film, Aliens ruined the scare factor. I just saw two many aliens by that point, it was just.. I'm just nervous about the leaked script, which I'm pretty sure is a fake I couldn't handle the idea of this Harvest set up...oh and they mentioned it in 3D lord help us....

' It's so much better to leave the mystery intact, and let the boundless imagination in your mind deal with it'

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