Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out

mmm seafood!!. miam miam (thats French for yummy by the way) eheh. So thought I would upload some photos of Camden, how I see Camden anyway...I never look at the stalls...well only when I'm shopping, but most of the time I love checking out the structure and the lights. It's all the pretty colours, silly butterfly. I managed to buy a denim jacket, and I bought personalized little badges and I bought a new Persian turquoise ring! only cost me £10 which is very cheap so a very very happy Jenif! I also saw some lovely black hummel high tops that I would of loved to have got for hospitality on Friday...there is still time.

I've had a lovely few days hanging out with my best friend of 7 years. Natalie. She means the world to me, I'll upload a photo of us together sometime. But I'm glad she's home, knowing shes around gives me confidence. I've missed her more than words can describe. I'm glad to know she's going to be somewhere safe with the comfort of her friends and family whilst Noel grows up.

We were meant to sketch up some women today, we both seem to have a fascination with illustrations of quirky girls. with big eyes and black hair, which is all spindly and flowing. Nat would get what I mean!

I attempted to draw a pretty girl, instead I ended up with a freak called Elspeth, I imagine her to carry around a kitty in her pocket and an umbrella in her hand at all times because she doesn't have eyelids so shes worried about the rain drops in her eyes. (that's her at the top!)

Kenny. I'm tired and I want to say more but its very cold in my room. I have a day off tomorrow so I'm sure I'll bore you with my thoughts tomorrow.

One thing I will leave you with, my very interesting lecture today. We were asked to talk about Auteurism and whether it applies to us viewing films today, ''is the notion of the auteur dead?'' Well we were asked to pair up with someone beside us and talk about whether or not we follow directors. So I asked the girl next to me if she follows any particular directors. And she turned to me and said, ''I only watch what is current and what has good reviews''. My blood began to boil, and I could feel my head beginning to unscrew and the kettle steam pouring out of my ears. She asked me the same question, and I replied and let those directors flow off my tongue..I began with David Fincher, the look of confusion appeared on her face. So I reassured her with, '' You know the guy who directed, Fight Club, Alien 3, Zodiac, Seven...'' She replied with '' Yeah I know that film, Oceans Eleven right?''

My palm slapped my forehead, very hard and then I Face Planted the table. There is now a bruise...

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