Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Laughing Cat

Its 00.21am I'm pretty beat. I did oversleep today and miss university. A usual occurrence with me, I tend to have lots of late nights on the computer and the daunting idea of taking a train at 8.30 in the morning is less than appealing; so I stay up and avoid it by oversleeping and not feeling to guilty when its gone midday. I did have quite an eventful day. A nice long walk down by Hadley Woods, where this picture was taken, walking a route I took for 5 years to and from Secondary School. I had to walk this way to get to my best friend Nat. Its through an old church graveyard and then onto Hadley Common We arranged to have a Pizza Express lunch with Mia and Sam and watched Dear John at the cinema. Awful film by the way, I just wanted to kick everyone, repeatedly.
Then it was back with Nat to talk about the old days, hair, art and music. I also caught up with Vicky, Nat's younger sister. I've been close to that family for 5 years and known Nat for 7.

Seeing her (rarely these days, sadly) reminds me of the great effect we have on each other, friends through so much, with a unique bond no one can break. I want to be a good godmother to her baby Noel and be the best I can be to Nat, I do love her dearly, always will and always have.

'We just bought some soap and cheese'
Listening to: Laura Marling - Hope in the Air

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