Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My 21st

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It's now 3 days since my 21st and I feel as if I'm only just recovering. My throat is in agony and I'm just getting my voice back...probably didn't help I went drinking on Sunday evening with Alix. Oh to explain the madness that is the decorations and fancy dress for my party its the Day of the Dead/ Dia de los muertos. I just fancied a Mexican themed birthday party. But being me I always have to involve something a bit Gothic...I cooked lots of Mexican food, served Tequila, Corona and Sol! and everyone came in fancy dress. Plus I set up a huge amount of Mexican themed decorations, including flowers, skulls, guitars and candles. (there are more photos to add)

To be honest this little surprise: http://www.andinmyhandsacamera.com/2010/07/happy-birthday-jenny.html I found today has put the fattest smile on my face made me feel like people really do care.
I suppose I've had a bit of the after party blues, spent cleaning the garden of broken pots and glass and scrubbing carpets... and maybe a few apologies to be said. But right now I feel like cowering in my room with plenty of comics, films and books - including this blog to keep me occupied.

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