Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A Little Something

I compiled this photo of a few of gifts from my birthday. Each one means a lot to me, explains how much people really care and are so very thoughtful.

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Charlie - Ernie, the little landscape book about a cat called Ernie and his mischievous antics. Me and Charlie share a love of everything that is kitten like, big cats, small cats, cats riding tortoises, cats climbing slides, cats licking foxes...kittykittykitty

Tom - Alien Figurine, I believed I was a true geek, but I wasn't. I got too damn god excited and ripped the packaging and got out the Alien. And screamed like a kid, then I stood him up against the music box and admired him. Then later on in the night I found him with his legs missing and one of his feet on the kitchen floor. Stupid me for letting him out of the box and not being a true geek. I may have to go back to Forbidden Planet and replace him, and keep him in the box this time. Thank you my favourite Tomiz for this gift that is so very me, I'm sorry I let my childish insanity escape and in doing so freed the monster, Ripley would not be proud.

Mum and Dad - Grunge - Michael Lavine Photography a book I have been obsessing over every time I step into Waterstones, something that reminds me how I want to dress and all that is fantastic and dark about the late 80's through to the mid 90's era of grunge music and fashion. Thanks ma and pa.

Laura - All Saints skull necklace, beautiful and so very me, I love it and will forever wear it, thank you my twin.

and last but not least...

Joe - Alien Comic (Newt's story) it was so worth travelling and paying the money for. Collecting it from the Post Office made it a bit more exciting, waiting there to have it passed to me. I ripped the packaging open and welled up at the sight of it... The very gay geeky note from you made me smile so very much, so I took a photo of it too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Especially the fact it's newt's story and it will help me so much when writing her character for my script.

This is just a photo of the presents that represent me best and also show what great people I have in my life that know me so very well...Thank you

Jenny x

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