Thursday, 14 October 2010

I'm so exhausted, gahh. Got to start it all again tomorrow. I haven't done my research. Thinking I should probably get on my way and do it, but doing it when I wake up in the morning with a mug of coffee and a Belgian waffle sounds too good. Now I'm just finishing up the notes from todays lectures. Nuclear Cinema and discussing the Cronenberg Body. Can't wait to start my dissertation, I had a quick chat with Catherine my one to one tutor in my 'overexcitedihavewaytoomanyideasvoice' but I'm so thrilled with my change of subject.
Natalie came round earlier feeling under the weather, so I took a few photos of her to put up on the dating website and give her some confidence, I wish some guy would come along and whisk her away and give her everything she needs, some love and affection. She deserves someone above all other, are there any nice guys out there?

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I do love this girly, so blooming much!

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