Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Cows, Sunsets and Best Friends

I managed to just about catch the last of the sunset. I hardly had time to set my camera up properly and I was constantly searching for glimpses of pink and purple shades along the skyline. I followed the cloudy vortex into Kitts Lane pointing my camera at the swirly marshmallow shapes. These shots are too dark and I wished I'd had more time. I haven't tampered with these. But I like their eeriness. Me and Nat walked along the empty country roads chit chatting about who we are now and the lives we now have. I sometimes forget what a wonderful place Barnet is. It's so close to London yet so far. In a 15 minute walk I'm next to farms and fields and in 15 minutes I can be on a train arriving in Kings Cross.
I just couldn't wipe the silly smile off my face, the feeling of freedom as I walked down the road with my hood up and a spring in my step.I'm enjoying the new life I now lead.

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  1. :):)):) put up some of the photos from this dayyy :):)