Monday, 3 January 2011

Peep hole, Peach blow, Pandora, Pompadour, Pale leaf, Pink sweet, Persephone

I took this photo one evening last year, I was fed up with my appearance, my lifestyle and my inability to create incredible photographs. I feel ridiculous sometimes for thinking such things, when I really am blessed with such wonderful gifts. As it is the new year and all, I've decided to lay down a few resolutions; a few little rules and things to boost my spirits when I'm feeling down and to perhaps make my relationships stronger with the people I still want to keep in my life.

- Work hard, put your studies before everything else in terms of how you spend the next few months. You finish university this year, prove to yourself you can achieve and happiness will follow.

- Don't lie because you think it will protect others, be honest about your feelings, you will spare them the pain in the end. This includes keeping to your words and the promises you make people.

- Give up more of your time for others and thank them for giving up there's.

Not many but I think they are vital in improving how I see myself and how other view me.
I really want to take care of my cat better too, she's going to be 11 this year the age I was when I got her. She's a bit ill and I think its because she's a bit mental really. I love her to bits though.

Important dates:

10th Jan - MS3000 Introduction/Chapter 1 Draft
13th Jan - MSM3406 Coursework 2: Beyond Science Fiction Deadline
14th Jan - DV3000 Photography Proposal/Research Deadline
7th Feb - MS3000 Chapter 2 Draft
25 Feb - Tattoo at New Wave Tattoo at 2:30pm
7th March - MS3000 Chapter 3 Draft
11th March - Finishing of Tattoo at New Wave Tattoo at 1:30pm
11th April - MS3000 Finalising of Dissertation
23rd May  - MS3000 Dissertation Deadline
Listening to: Ivo - Cocteau Twins

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